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Terms Of Use

These terms and conditions are provided to prevent any misunderstandings between ourselves and our clients.

By using this website or our services you agree to these terms and conditions.

Where an emergency call out / urgent attendance is requested, call outs will be charged at the hourly price quoted. There is a minimum one hour charge on all jobs. If more time is needed, consecutive hours are charged in half hour units. The supply of any parts or materials will be extra.

The hourly/half an hour rate charges are based on one man hour. So for example, If there are two electricians working, the hourly charges will be for two man hours per hour.

Emergency work may consist of purely making safe. An emergency call out does not guarantee the re-energisation of any circuits or equipment. We can’t guarantee a fault can be found or rectified within the first hour.

Our aim is to have the engineer on site within 60 minutes from the booking and an estimated arrival time will be provided. It is the clients responsibility to provide an accurate attendance address. The electricians arrival time given in an estimate, times are subject to electricians availability, traffic conditions and the suitable safe parking for our electricians and vehicles.

Immediately after booking an emergency call out we get straight to work to assign an electrician to attend. Cancellations made by the client after the booking being made and before the electrician arrives will result in a cancellation charge equal to fifty percent of the call out first hour rate quoted. This will be invoiced either by paper, digitally or as a Sum-Up remote payment request and payment will be due immediately. There may be occasions where we require a non-refundable deposit prior to the electrician attending.

Electrical power may be interrupted at any time and without warning. The client is responsible for disconnecting / removing / unplugging any sensitive electronic or electrical equipment prior to work commencing or alternatively to make the attending electrician aware of such equipment.

The existing electrical installation must meet the necessary requirements of the current wiring regulations for any alterations or additions.

If we encounter any existing or previously unknown faults or issues during our testing, inspections of the installation or whilst carrying out installation work or at any time thereafter, then we will make you aware of the problem/s and the corrective options available. Corrective work will incur additional costs.

Unless specifically specified accessories such as sockets and switches will be of white plastic, mid-range of BG quality or similar. Sockets are to be of the non-usb type and light switches non-dimmable. Recessed metal socket boxes will be standard depth of 25mm and 16mm for light switches.

Where a socket/switch etc is to be fed from an existing accessory, it is assumed that the existing accessory is in itself not a spur and that it is suitable for the intended alteration or addition. If not, additional costs may be incurred to accommodate the alteration or addition to the circuit.

When Part M of the building regulations regulations needs to be adhered to in relation to the mounting heights of accessories, sockets and switches will be mounted between 450 – 1200mm from the finished floor level.

When a new circuit installed is required and there are blanks or unlabelled circuit breakers in the consumer unit or distribution board it is assumed that these are spare and available for us to use. If the consumer unit or distribution board has no spare ways available, additional costs will be incurred to accommodate the new circuit.

Where loft / basement / outbuildings / storage rooms etc access is required it is assumed there is suitable room to move, it is not full of items, there is no vermin and that the area is safe for use to be in there. That the existing cables are accessible and that the floor has not been boarded. When this is not the case additional time may be required to work around such issues. This additional time is chargeable.

On pre-booked work it will be required that furniture and personal items will have been cleared before we attend to allow suitable access for the electrician and his equipment for the planned work to be carried out.

Should any furniture or personal items require moving, no responsibility is accepted for damage and the additional time incurred would be chargeable. Fragile / expensive / sentimental personal items should be removed by the client or protected to there own satisfaction. Should it not be possible or practical to move any furniture or personal items for any reason whatsoever it may be necessary to abandon the proposed or planned work with immediate effect. Costs incurred and time spent (charged at the quoted rate or our standard hourly rate) to that point will still be chargeable.

Unless specified all downlights and light switches are non-dimmable. The number and positioning of recessed downlights will be ultimately determined by room shape and size together with hidden factors such as joist and pipework positions. Recessed downlights are based on fire rated, non-tilt gu10 led lamp type.

When installing cables within cavity walls, additional access points may have to be made if there is a hidden obstruction such as a wooden noggin.

When testing, inspecting, or the replacement of an accessory, a small amount of damage may occur to the surrounding area. The rectification may require correction by ‘others’ that has not been accounted or costed for in any way.

Where carpets or flooring needs to be rolled back, lifted or removed, we will make every effort not to cause any damage (carpet underlay deteriorates with time). The cost to professionally refit or replace any flooring has not been priced for and this will have to be arranged and paid for at the clients expense.

Wall and back box chases will be left unfilled. The making good of walls chases, decorative finishes or external brickwork has not been included in any quotation or priced for. The cost to professionally make good will have to be arranged and paid for at the clients expense.

All reasonable effort will be made to minimise dust. We carry out basic tidying up only. We do not remove any waste / materials / packaging etc. It is the clients responsibility to remove and dispose of any waste from the premises.  Professional cleaning is at the clients own expense.

Any additional work including the rectification of pre-existing faults is subject to a new estimate, quotation or further labour costs.

Where specific or specialised access equipment is required, the cost of such equipment will incur additional charges that will be payable in advance by the client.

Tools, materials and access equipment provided by www.coventryemergencyelectricians.co.uk or sub-contractors may not be used by the client or any other third parties.

If our services have been obtained or sourced through a third party or agency our prices will be higher than those displayed on this website.

Payment for larger works may need to be paid in stages of job progress. This will be detailed on the estimate or quotation provided.

We do not offer credit, therefore all payments are due immediately upon the client or person ordering the attendance and or works being presented with the invoice. The invoice may be in either paper, digitally or as a Sum-Up remote payment request. Accepted methods of payment are credit/debit card, cash and cleared bank transfer.

All parking or vehicle related charges incurred will be added to the final invoice.

We will not work within premises where there are minors present without adult supervision.

Please ensure all pets are secure away from the working area. We can’t be held responsible for their wellbeing.

Installations on site may be carried out by one or more employees representing www.www.coventryemergencyelectricians.co.uk

Please note that calls may be monitored or recorded to resolve any misunderstandings and disputes, legal purposes and quality control.

These terms and conditions can change at anytime without notice.

You may be asked to review our services on google reviews or similar.